Christian Holstad

Sweeping the floor with our gowns (Glazed ceramic, 2016)
Vacant (Graphite and colored pencil on erased newsprint, gold leaf, stainless steel mesh, 2013)
Headless three legged chicken shitting out shell-less egg (Fabric, vintage gloves, metal coat hanger, felted wool, vintage millinery tubing, 2013)
Pattern of apples (trash can lid) (Glazed terracotta, 2015)
Dishwashing machine (collage, 2015)
Bather (Golden luster) (Glazed ceramic, crocheted, 2017)
One dozen eggs (eggshell, gampi paper, 2015)
Look me in the eye (Felted wool, coat hanger, reflective material, vintage millinery tubing, vintage fabric, towel, feather, horse hair, hand-dyed under garments, aluminum tubing, brass chain, 2011-2013)
Be Clear With Your Intent (performance in Cologne, Germany, 2016)